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For our friends in Benelux: Come to see us @ the Tweak Show!

    On Saturday 9 December we have organised the ‘Tweak Show’ and all are welcome! From 11 am to 5 pm we give demonstrations, workshops and explanations about products that make your music installation sound ‘better’. There will be presentations about electricity, acoustics, decoupling and (in) sense of cabling. Existing delegates include: Townshend Audio WireWorld Torus Power Rivasono ROON Labs […]

Fractal F1 Interconnect gets a HiFi News Editor’s Choice Award

“Laced between my Oppo BDP-105D player/DAC and Krell S-1500 amp, these new Fractal interconnects encouraged a genuinely smooth, detailed and liquid-sounding performance… …the F1 Fractal has a ‘dark’ quality that lets you hear into the soundstage, walk around the musicians and oh-so-easily tease apart the threads of their mix. Bass sounds robust and extended, treble […]