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Fractal F1 Interconnect gets a HiFi News Editor’s Choice Award

Townshend F1 Fractal hifi news editor choice“Laced between my Oppo BDP-105D player/DAC and Krell S-1500 amp, these new Fractal interconnects encouraged a genuinely smooth, detailed and liquid-sounding performance…

…the F1 Fractal has a ‘dark’ quality that lets you hear into the soundstage, walk around the musicians and oh-so-easily tease apart the threads of their mix. Bass sounds robust and extended, treble pin-sharp and sparkling but never too hot or fierce…

…This is a cracking set of cables… …the cable sounded deliciously smooth and detailed and promoting, the kind of easy listening, inky black backgrounds typically associated with the best HiFi systems. Go on treat your self!”


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