What Do American Contractors Do in Iraq

American contractors have been a fixture in Iraq for more than a decade. Their roles have evolved over the years, but contractors continue to play a vital role in the reconstruction and security efforts in the country.

So, what exactly do American contractors do in Iraq?

Construction and Infrastructure

One of the primary tasks that American contractors have taken on in Iraq is the construction and repair of infrastructure. After years of war and instability, much of the country`s infrastructure was in disrepair and needed to be rebuilt. American contractors have been involved in building roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure that are essential to the Iraqi people`s daily lives.

Security Services

Along with construction and infrastructure, American contractors have played a significant role in providing security services in Iraq. These services range from personal protection for high-ranking officials and dignitaries to security for critical infrastructure and facilities. American contractors work alongside the Iraqi security forces to ensure that the country is secure and protected.

Logistics and Support

American contractors in Iraq also provide critical logistics and support services. This includes everything from food and water to transportation and communication. These services are essential to enable the military and other organizations working in Iraq to function effectively.

Training and Advising

Another critical role that American contractors have taken on in Iraq is training and advising Iraqi security forces. Many contractors have extensive military experience and are qualified to train and advise Iraqi forces on tactics, techniques, and procedures. This training helps to build the capacity of the Iraqi security forces and enables them to take a more prominent role in ensuring the country`s security.


American contractors in Iraq play a vital role in supporting the country`s recovery and stability. From construction and infrastructure to security services and logistics, contractors provide essential services that allow the military and other organizations to function effectively. With their experience and expertise, American contractors have made a significant contribution to the stability and security of Iraq.