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Townshend Audio workshop at Apha Highend

  ALPHA HIGH END, Brasschaat BE, invited all hifi lovers to attend a series of Townshend talks. Introduced over the weekend, a number of award-winning components and techniques that Max Townshend has found to be indispensable, when aiming to enhance the  reproduction quality of any high-end system. an A-B listening test with/without Townshend Isolation and […]

F1 Fractal Interconnect mini-review

The thoughts of one of the many reviewers who enjoyed the Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnect. “On the heels of the ridiculously superb (passive) Allegri+ preamplifier (HERE), with its secret sauce…fractal wire…comes the introduction to America of Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnects. (There are speaker cables also, but I did not have them for review.) The interconnects are extremely […]

Townshend Allegri+ Preamplifier: U.S.A. Premier Review

  “The Townshend Audio Allegri+ Preamplifier’s U.S.A. premier opens a whole new category for audiophile line stage owners: exceptionally high-quality Passive System Control. With the use of outstanding new wire technology, the Allegri+ Preamplifier is the world’s first honest-to-goodness high-end audiophile passive line stage. You have no power cord to choose, no tubes, and no […]