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Eliminates structure-borne feedback between speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.

• Enhances clarity throughout the whole frequency range.
• Improves bass definition.
• Produces a wider and deeper sound stage.
• Neighbour friendly high level listening.

The maximum load when using four type “F” Pods is 200kg (440lb). For loads greater than this, simply add more Seismic Pods.

Each Seismic Pod is screw adjustable in height to allow for out of balance loads where the centre of gravity of the component is not near its geometrical centre. If the degree of out of balance is too large, then it is suggested to use additional Seismic Pods as necessary, to balance the load.

We suggest, for reasons of ease of set-up and loads that are not equally distributed, that consumers always select the stronger Load Cell where two values overlap in the graph below.

For example, when using four (4) type “C” Pods, the maximum supported weight should be equal or less than 52.4 Kg

Positioned under any piece of equipment, Seismic Isolation Pods will dramatically improve the sound by breaking the acoustic connection between the audio system and structural vibrations in the room. The Seismic Isolation Pod is a Seismic Load Cell™ with a circular foot attached to the lower end cap for stability. The length may be adjusted by turning the top end cap, which allows easy levelling of audio equipment placed on a set of four Pods. There is a soft felt protective piece on the top and bottom faces of the end caps to allow for easy positioning and to prevent scratching. A singular Seismic Pod is available with seven different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 1 kg up to 50kg. Virtually any weight of equipment can be isolated. For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load.

Frequency response:

8Hz-100kHz +/- 0.1dB

Maximum signal level:

4V RMS 8Hz; 10V RMS 20Hz

Maximum DC offset :

5mV. (For undistorted 8Hz)


Less than 0.01% at 400Hz, 10V (2nd and 3rd harmonic only)

Input impedance is dependent upon the load impedance and gain setting. So, with a power amplifier having 20kohm input impedance (typical)


At 0dB, input impedance is 20kohm
At -10dB (normal listening) input impedance is 200k


At 0dB, input impedance is 20kohm. At -10dB (normal listening) input impedance is 200kohm, for a power amplifier load with 20kohm input impedance.

6 pairs RCA phono sockets (gold plated) One 3.5mm stereo socket on front panel.

2 pairs RCA phono sockets (gold plated)

135mm (5.3in)
53mm (2.1in)

326mm (12.8in)

2kg (4.4lb)
Neil Gader The Absolute Sound

“The Seismic Podiums become so fundamental to the listening experience that calling them mere accessories fails to give them enough credit.”

Lee Dunkley Hi-Fi Choice

“The way it removes the speaker’s interaction with its surroundings is mind blowing, bringing clarity to the entire frequency range that enables it to communicate more effectively with the listener. You haven’t truly heard how your speaker can perform until you’ve placed it on one of these. Enthusiastically recommended.”

Jason Kennedy

“So what do Seismic Podiums do for sound quality? If I said “everything” you wouldn’t believe me, but the answer is not far off. They dramatically increase low level resolution so you can hear more detail, they clean up the bass like you wouldn’t believe and the improve dynamics and speed.”