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See you at London’s Festival of Sound 28 – 30 September

London’s “Festival of Sound” is The UK’s Largest Luxury Audio & Lifestyle Show. Returning for its third year, with a weekend jam-packed with treats for the capital’s music lovers. This includes live performances, incredible workshops, as well of course, the most desirable Hi-Fi systems available.

From Townshend this will include:


The now legendary Allegri+ autotransformer preamp.

 “All I can say is the Allegri+ is a stunning marvel for our audio age and a bargain, too.”

Positive Feedback.

PRODUCT LAUNCH. The new Enigma remote-controlled 72 x 0.85dB-step autotransformer, preamplifier with XLR and phono in and out and a stunning Class-A, 1W+  Headphone amplifier. (The Allegri+ sound with all the extras). On demonstration with Grado SR60e headphones, driven from the Townshend Universal disc player. DC, SACD and DVDA 192/24. Please bring your discs and headphones.


The Townshend high-end cable family, including the new F1 Fractal Speaker cables and the F1 Fractal interconnects, as well as the ever-popular DCT 300 Interconnect, the DCT Isolda Speaker Cable and the DCT Digital Interconnect.

Just a sample of what reviewers have been saying: “transparency was immediately obvious and to a game-changing degree that I have never encountered with cables”

Jason Kennedy


Now in its 19th year, the miniature add-on super-tweeters which gives huge presents to your sound! Available in black or silver.

“What Townshend super-tweeters do to speakers is simply black magic! The sound improvement is superb, a great combination!”

Satisfied customer


Industry leading, ultra-low frequency 2Hz lateral and vertical air-damped compliant isolation, to cut the passage of vibration between component and floor from 4Hz up. Competing products rarely isolate below 30Hz. The range comprises: Seismic Pods and Seismic Platform for source and amplification, Seismic Bars and Seismic Podiums for speakers, Seismic Corners for equipment racks and Seismic Stand for all equipment.


“You haven’t truly heard how your speaker can perform until you’ve placed it on one of these. Enthusiastically recommended.”

Lee Dunkley – Hi-Fi Choice



Three, triple load-cell isolators, one under each leg of a grand piano, to isolate the piano from the floor.

“Somehow these isolators sweeten and clarify the sound of the instrument itself. Instead of a muddy confusion of carpet, wood and plaster, I hear pure notes singing freely in the air. It’s a joy to have them under the castors of my pianos. Thrilled with these!”

Stephen Hough, Classical pianist, composer and writer.

We will be happy to discuss all your questions.

See you there!

The Townshend team.