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See us 20/21/22 February @ Sound & Vision – The Bristol Show



On show is the full Seismic Isolation range to truly isolate speakers, amplification and source components from earthquake vibrations.

The award winning Supertweeters improve the clarity throughout the frequency range: voices are more realistic, with more tangible sounds and an extra sense of space.

F1 Fractal Interconnects that give ground breaking clarity and detail along with the Deep Cryogenically Treated (EDCT) DCT300 interconnects and Isolda Speaker cables.

The Allegri preamp who’s ‘invisibility’ and sonic truth, continues earning it worldwide recognition.

Product launch

Townshend-Isolation-Podiums for speakersThe Seismic Podium, which elevates speaker isolation to another level. Designed to complement the Seismic Speaker Bars. These break the acoustic connection between the floor and the speakers, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets.


Win a pair of killer DCT300 interconnect cables worth £400!