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Review: Seismic Platform gets ‘Recommended’ badge from Hi-Fi Choice

hifi-choice-racommended-seismic-platform-townshendJason Kennedy reviews the Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform under the Rega RP6 Turntable, a Leema Antila CD Player & Naim UnitiLite:

 “Massive increase in stereo three dimensionality, sound is cleaner”

 “A degree of hardness has disappeared and left a stronger sense of timing. “Bass goes deeper” Voice has regained its full richness.  Quite a transformation in truth, and one that you’d be hard pressed to replicate with any similarly priced upgrade.”

 “The Townshend Seismic Platform seems able to transform the potential of electronic components as well as, if not better than turntables.”

 “What is clear is that few hi fi components give their best without isolation and the platform delivers as much in a neat and effective package and comes highly recommended.”

To read the full review please refer to Hi-Fi Choice – December 2013 Issue

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