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Join us @ Audio World ’14, Brighton 29-30 March


This year at Brighton, Townshend Audio will present their very latest range of system upgrades that can help transform any good Hi-Fi into something that is unmatched in resolution and transparency.

At Townshend,  a great foundation has always been key,  because by insuring that all Hi-Fi components are effectively isolated from vibration, any system is provided with the ultimate launch pad for an envelope pushing performance.

Max Townshend is also a guest speaker at the Brighton Audio World ’14 event. His talk, both Saturday and Sunday at 3pm, will be focussed mainly on seismic vibration pollution and the way the development of the seismic vibration range has evolved into its latest incarnation.

Vibration isolation has been integral in the history of Townshend Audio and it promises to be a true insight into this on-going battle to protect the integrity of the audio signal at all stages.

Come and see how these and other upgrades we have developed are changing the way audiophiles are listening to music.

On show:

Maximum Supertweeters

• Isolda EDCT Speaker cables, DCT Interconnects range and F1 FRACTAL Interconnects

Seismic Vibration Isolation range

All indispensable in the quest for improved sonic fidelity.

In addition:

• Rock 7 MKII, Merlin power supply and Excalibur II pick-up arm

• Allegri Pre-amp

For more info check out the Audio World ’14 Show website