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Pre-amp review on Hi-Fi+

Glastonbury Pre 1 gets a “flipping glorious” review from J. Kennedy in Hi-Fi+

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Jason Kennedy, writing for issue 81 of Hi Fi Plus, August 2011, finds that the Townshend Audio Glastonbury Pre 1 Preamplifier delivers; “power“, “solidity” and “sheer transparency…There are very few preamplifiers around that are as resolute as this passive device“.

When the Glastonbury Pre 1 was heard on the fully integrated Townshend system, comprising the vibration isolated Glastonbury Tor speakers; Rock V turntable with Excalibur 3 arm and TA Cables, Kennedy says of the system “as a whole, is pretty extraordinary in its resolving powers

Kennedy suspects that the preamp “has as much to do with that as any other part. It’s uncompromisingly revealing in seemingly all respects and is uncannily open whilst avoiding the subtle hallmark that electricity seems to leave on virtually all active preamps” although Kennedy explains that this might be something that some actually enjoy as it tends to imbue the music with a certain:  “extra energy that some consider to be lacking in passive devices, however this controller proves that you can have your cake and eat it”.

Kennedy finds “The Glastonbury delivers as much grunt and energy as a powered preamp, dynamics are as wide if not wider than can be achieved with active devices and there is a sense of hearing the pure energy from the recording rather than that energy with the subtle reinforcement that even the highest quality electronics impart“.

Kennedy also observed that; “Bass lines are, to coin a phrase, flippin’ glorious” and, in summary,  “…..it is the most revealing preamplifier I’ve used.

To listen to the Glastonbury Pre 1 in the new complete Townshend Audio Reference system, please contact us for a demonstration at our Hampton Court venue, where you can hear for yourself your favourite recordings in High Fidelity like you’ve never heard them before.