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F1 Fractal Interconnect mini-review

The thoughts of one of the many reviewers who enjoyed the Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnect.

“On the heels of the ridiculously superb (passive) Allegri+ preamplifier (HERE), with its secret sauce…fractal wire…comes the introduction to America of Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnects. (There are speaker cables also, but I did not have them for review.) The interconnects are extremely exotic looking and terminated in excellent shielded push-on connectors. Featuring air dielectric, they are even cryo’ed! They are neutral, open, and superbly detailed. Without a doubt, if you own an Allegri+, you’ll want these, at the very least, connecting it to your amplifier for the purest clarity possible.

I broke them in on a Cable Cooker for 48 hours, and tried them in various locations in two systems. They were immediately sonically perfect in and around the Allegri+. Otherwise, the F1 may need a bit of tube rolling or cable swapping to perfectly match their unmatched lack of colorations in your particular system. I heard no lumps or bumps from lowest lows to airiest highs with the F1. What I do hear is definition to die for, with extraordinary in-the-room realism. 

These will have audiophiles going nuts for years as they grasp the earth shaking engineering and near perfection of these interconnects. All I know is that connectivity is truly the final frontier. 

You must try these if you can afford $1300-$1500 for RCA/XLR for the first meter. I hope to have more to say about this obvious break-through in interconnects…and very possibly speaker cables…soon. This F1 interconnect is a superstar!”

Robert H. Levi – Positive Feedback Issue 95

[Link to the review online]