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The Ear – Seismic Speaker Isolation review

Seismic Speaker Isolation Townshend“Townshend has always sought to explain why his loudspeaker isolation products make so much difference, and this would seem to be a feasible answer. I have recently been trying Seismic Speaker Bars under PMC fact.8 speakers and have been shocked at the benefits that they accrue. The noise floor drops dramatically and the speakers ‘disappear’ from the soundstage. Close your eyes and it’s hard to point at them because the image is so strong, it’s so three dimensional and convincing that it seems unrelated to the position of the speakers. Equally impressive is the way that overhang is reduced and timing precision increased. It’s not a small change by any means, in truth it’s akin to a loudspeaker upgrade representing at least a 50% increase in price.”

“This is not a coincidence, it’s the beginning of a revolution, the kick out the spikes and float the speakers revolution. It’s a pity that isolating speakers in a stable fashion (that doesn’t raise them up too much) is so tricky, it has taken Townshend a few decades to get it right, but the Seismic Bars are definitely the neatest way of doing the job. If you want to hear music without a mask of random vibration I strongly suggest you give it a try, you will be surprised.”

Jason Kennedy – The Ear

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