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Adair Acoustic Design test the Allegri Pre

Allegri autotransformer Preamp

“I initially set up the Allegri in between our Resolution Cantata Music Centre and the ATC Active 50s. These are both serious peices of equipment, so this is a great test for the £2000 Allegri. Its actually quite refreshing to not have to plug in a mains cable into the pre-amp, just makes set up that little bit easier. Once it was all ready, I hit play.

The sound is quite extraordinary; it was up there with the most transparent sounds that I have encountered.  It has it has far less of the top end fizz that earmarks normal “hi-fi” sound, as opposed to natural un-amplified sound. There is a good bass presence with the Allegri, it shows a really impressive dynamic range.”

Adair Acoustic

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